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jMmsLib is Java implementation of binary Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) encoding/decoding. It supports creation and encoding of send_request messages and decoding of send_conf responses. To see jMmsLib in action look at SendMMS. This is a working simple MMS client that builds messages from texts and images, encode them, and deliver them to a MMSC via a WAP connection.

A quick example on how to use the library is avaiable here. For the class documentation refer to the javadoc.

If you need a missing features, please fill a feature request in the Tracker. If you are willing to add the feature yourself, feel free to contact me for help and/or for merge it to the main sources.

jMmsLib is released under the GNU General Lesser Public Licence (LGPL). Look here for details.

Downlaod the last version (0.8) via SourceForge.

News »

20 Mar 2009: jMmsLib v. 0.8.1 & SendMMS v. 1.0.1 realeased. Mercurial repository moved to SourceForge (officially supported)
15 Feb 2008: Set up mercurial repository of jMmsLib and SendMMS. See
24 Jan 2008: SendMMS v. 1.0 released.
23 Jan 2008: jMmsLib v. 0.8 released.