SendMMS »

SendMMS is a simple command line tool for creating and sending MMS messages through a WAP connection. It uses jMmsLib for createing/encoding the messages and jWAP to actually send them to a MMSC. It supports text and images (actually only JPEG images are supported, but adding support for others image formats is trivial).

SendMMS is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). Look here for details.

It is a very small and simple application, so it can be used as a working example of jMmsLib.

Download the last version (1.0) via SourceForge.

Usage »

      sendmms  [-s ] [-t  | -T  | -i  | ...]
              [-is  | -ts  | -S  | --skip | -h |-v]

      -s: defines the subject of the message
      -t: adds a mms-part composed by the string 
      -T: adds a text mms-part composed by the content of 
      -i: adds an image mms-part composed by the content of 
      -is: define the max size of an image content
      -ts: define the max size of a text content
      -S: define the max size of the mms message
      --skip: skips problematic contents
      -v: verbose mode
      -h | --help: this help

Exit Status »

      0: ok
      1: error in configuration/arguments
      2: error in mms contents
      3: error during binary mms building
      4: error sending mms
      5: other errors (I/O)